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Launching AD Services online

A service led website

AD Services provide quick and simple property maintenance solutions for owners and tenants. To ensure that their unique service offerings are clearly represented to both groups of ideal customers, landlords and tenants, AD services needed a website which were relevant to their specific needs.

BoldType set out to create an initial website which was mobile responsive and acted as a lead generation tool with the view to expand and develop as the AD Services business develops.

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Content exclusively tailored to the target audience

AD Services caters for the breadth of needs from property owner to tenant with their diverse offerings. With that, the challenge was to articulate the relevance and importance of their services to the target audience in a clear and concise way.

BoldType worked closely with the client to identify the salient points for each service offering and adjust it accordingly for the intended audience. The team supplied AD Services with a clear strategy on how to appeal to their target audience in a way that delivers value to them.

A reliable brand backed by proof of professionalism

AD Services wanted to demonstrate that the simple and accessible solutions they have address the needs of their audience. This is conveyed as soon as the visitor lands on their website. Simple, clean and to-the-point, the website provides clear explanations of what AD Services offer, reviews from happy customers and service stats to demonstrate reliability and expertise.

To add further value to AD Services customers, we created a password protected area specifically for customer resources such as instructional videos and manuals. These can be exclusively accessible by AD Services clients, landlords and tenants alike.

"They tailor-made our website to suit our needs. They are professional, responsive, and give a personal touch at the same time."

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