Helping the next generation of people managers thrive by developing self-belief

Gaining self-belief is possible when managing others

Revolutionising the approach towards management training by motivating self-confidence in the role of superhero manager.

CAPE supports new people managers to feel equipped, enabled and empowered to make an immediate and lasting impact. They do this through their coaching programme that encourages cross-learning, developing self belief and being part of a community that is motivated to improve people management of the future.

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Engaging Key Messaging

The BoldType Team ran a workshop with CAPE to ensure we knew exactly who their ideal customers were, what they look like and how they can best be helped. With this understanding, we crafted a series of key messaging statements for each of their identified four customer personas. Messaging that is rooted in the psyche of CAPE's ideal customers will be far more effective and drive engagement and sales.

A Brand that Resonates

BoldType developed a logo and brand that presents CAPE as an empowering and inspiring training provider for new and future people managers. Their four key values; Intentional, Brave, Authentic and Practical needed to be captured too.

The final logo joined the ‘A’ and ‘P’ together to create the superhuman. Adapting the ‘A’ to become a cape whilst being tied around the ‘P’ presents confidence and bravery.

The cape of a superhero becomes a metaphor for choosing your own authentic management approach while having the confidence to wear it and having a toolkit of learning experiences that helps you feel more like a superhero manager.

See CAPE in action

"BoldType worked with us to develop our brand, target client personas, visual identity and key messaging. They provided a great framework to shape our project, challenged us to get to the level of detail that was important and produced a fantastic final set of assets for us."

Lynsey Kitching - CAPE