Launching the encore brand into the UK

Launching the Encore brand into the UK

As part of launching encore into the UK market, BoldType were asked to help design and develop a website to promote and market their nearshoring services, and in particular, showcase their experience and personable approach through case studies and photography.

Defining the Encore brand

The first step was to redefine the encore brand and visual identity to ensure it translated and resonated well with the UK market. We carried out an ideal customer workshop to ensure all marketing and design was targetted at the right audience.

With the main office in Bulgaria, we commissioned photography to ensure the unique personality of the project team and their culture, was evident and present on the new website.

Creating consistency

The new brand was implemented across all marketing material, and fundamentally became the bedrock of the newly developed website. In part thanks to carefully crafted messaging and call-to-actions, the new encore website is delivering for encore, helping to nurture new leads and generate new organic opportunities too.

"The BoldType team totally met and captured our expectations - a new, raw brand which the guys helped us shape, including our web identity, capturing our ideas and company ethos..."

Steve Smith - ALS