Rejuvenating brand identity and delivering real world applications

Aligning Forresters’ Identity with Contemporary Design Concepts

Rejuvenating Forresters’ strong brand identity and providing clear direction in real world applications through a branding, messaging and ideal customer persona workshop.

Forresters, a patent and trademark attorney firm with offices in Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Munich reached out to BoldType for help in revitalising their marketing collateral. The brief was to ensure that their strong brand identity continued to resonate while designing marketing materials that carried present aesthetic conventions. 

Prioritising ‘Clear Direction’ in design, tone and voice

Forresters prides themselves in providing clients with ‘clear direction’ in everything they do by cutting through the complexity of law by delivering advice in plain, jargon-free language. The straight arrow pointing to the top right corner of the Forresters’ logo embodies their philosophy and the ways they work.

To ensure that their vision, intentions and audience perceptions are aligned, BoldType first conducted a 3 hour workshop with the Forresters marketing team to:

  • Identify their Ideal Client Personas and how to ensure marketing initiatives resonate with their key audience. 
  • Determine their key messages, tone and voice to ensure that messaging aligns with their design initiatives .
  • Clarify their brand guidelines and provide suggestions on how to synergise their brand identity with current design conventions. 

This workshop provided both Forresters and BoldType the clear direction needed to develop effective and impactful marketing collaterals in the coming months. 

Deploying strategy into real world applications

Within eight weeks of kick-starting the working relationship through the workshop, BoldType has delivered a wide variety of marketing and awareness collaterals to the team.

This included:

  • Advertisements
  • Business cards 
  • Canva templates for social media 
  • Collaterals for Forresters IP Clinics 

One of the exciting pieces for BoldType’s design team was developing a gift box that Forresters delivered to a handful of recipients in the run up to the INTA Annual Meeting 2023. With a short lead time, BoldType managed to provide a 3 week turnaround from brief to finalisation of design. The team also helped coordinate the printing and development of the giftbox that not only delighted Forresters, but the recipients too. 

A Future of Mutual Growth and Collaboration in the Pipeline

Since the start of the Forresters-BoldType relationship, BoldType has been entrusted to oversee Forresters’ website development, hosting and maintenance. Both teams are committed to ensure that their online and offline collaterals work in synergy with each other to provide Forresters clients the assurance of clear direction and excellent, sound advice.

"From the beginning, BoldType really understood what we wanted to achieve in improving the quality and consistency of our marketing materials. Their work has been well-received internally and with our clients."

Martin Bruce - Forresters