Make Brum Strong Campaign

Making Birmingham Businesses Stronger

Shesh Tech approached BoldType with a clear objective - they wanted to shine a positive light across Birmingham businesses with their offer of IT support. Having been offered a prominent billboard position throughout Brum city centre, we had to create an impact.

Billboards reach millions of motorists but it must be short, sweet and safe!

By developing a strong core message paired with a URL that reinforces the messaging and imagery, a memorable and impactful advert was produced.

But how does the campaign adapt to online?

The billboard artwork incorporated a visual style that was highly adaptable and was extended to LinkedIn banners, social media adverts, and a web landing page. Collectively, this offline and online campaign generated significant interest and a big response for Shesh Tech.

The entire BoldType team are true experts in their field. We've used them for a number of projects and look forward to continuing to do so!

Daniel - Shesh Tech