Pyments Law

Developing a strong new brand

Construction law specialists

BoldType was tasked with developing a new logo, visual identity and brand for Pyments Law while incorporating a newly defined brand position and brand purpose.




Understand your audience

After carrying out an ideal customer workshop with Warren & Tim, clear target audience personas were established. These outline both obstacles and opportunities likely to be held when searching for a construction law partner. These personas were then harnessed and fed into the new logo, visual identity and brand ensuring its effectiveness and relevance.

Relate to your audience

By thoroughly exploring construction terminology and the visual language of the industry, a relevant abstract and versatile logo mark was designed. BoldType went on to harness and refine the existing Pyments Group font to ensure familiarity for their existing customers.

The new brand creates real impact within the construction law industry, and its simplicity and versatility allow for additional visual marks to be created extending the brands reach and effectiveness.

The BoldType team went the extra mile in understanding our business, and the final logo and brand is testimony to this listening first approach. Their help and advice has been invaluable and continues to contribute to a bright future for our business.

Tim - Pyments Law