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Launching the Pyments Law brand and personality online

A website with a personality that focuses on business values

Pyments Law required a website which reflected their quality, personality and experience within the legal construction industry.

BoldType set out to create a website which pushed Pyments Law to stand out from their competitors in brand and visual style, while clearly defining their offering to their ideal clients.

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A new visual style with a focus on engagement

Following earlier work to define a new visual identity and brand for Pyments Law, we determined the new website should harness a disruptive and eye-catching layout to house succinct and powerful content that will engage and drive action.

Through this controlled chaos approach, we created a site with a very clear focus on making it easy to absorb the key messages, learn how Pyments Law can help, and take action to get more assistance and information.

The primary goal of the site was to delivery leads via a very short but carefully managed user-journey. No waffle or long paragraphs, just punchy content and clear calls-to-action that work!

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Illustrations and photography in harmony

This unique look was delivered mainly through original illustrations and photography coming together. Black and white imagery paired with minimalist lines bring this contemporary style together in a way that bucks the trend in their industry and helps Pyments Law stand out.

"We are delighted with the new Pyments Law website.  Ben, Holly and the BoldType team challenged our preconceived ideas of how our website should look, feel and deliver, and I'm really glad they did as the result was beyond what we could have hoped for."

Tim - Pyments Law

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